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Moving on with life

It's been 3 years since Ann passed away. Back then, I thought of my life as being alone. Just fending on my own with no one by my side. Fast forward to today, I am now in a very good place in life.

I have a wonderful boyfriend, moved away from my hometown, and have a job that will be rewarding in the future (fingers crossed.) I live in beautiful Pasadena, California (home of the tournament of Roses parade.) I've got my family and friends, and most importantly my health. I call that essentials to life.

Let's just say the climb to get here was nothing easy....

Emotionally, I had to cave in and let someone in. I thought most of the time no one understood me. My grief was only MY grief. I didn't really believe in love, or the thought of ever engaging in a relationship. Relationships just sounded to complicated to me. So I pushed that to the curve since the last relationship I had ended just months before my daughter was diagnosed. Past relationships can make you really bitt…

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