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To be, or not to be...

Fun disclosure: I wrote this during the months of July and August 2017.
Fun Fact: I never posted it ::Palm Face::

The year 2017. What a clusterfuck of a year so far. We are in the 8th month of this shit hole of a year. That's how I can summarize it so far.

You begin to test yourself, and the tests the universe has for you. Went to Italy, which is probably the most depressing trip I've ever had. My longest relationship ended, just like Obamas presidency. I lived on my own, and moved out. And now here I am, various cities away from the place I was left at. Picking up the pieces, but most importantly picking myself up from the ground up. So many details leading to all of this, that has tested me far more than I've wanted to. Yet, I am still here. This is the mess I've dealt with this year.

One could say that depression can be that friend you try to get rid of, but it comes back. That friend is like the black cloud that covers you the whole day. I've seen the darkest o…

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